De Sutter Naturally | Wooden fences for horse meadows | Discover Windsor: durable Red Norwegian pine | Planed posts with luxury diamond head


Distinctive design with square posts and diamond-shaped top

This fence is characterised by the luxurious diamond-shaped post top and is made of luxurious Red Norwegian pine. Superior in terms of quality and durability, because it grows much slower than ordinary pine, so the density of the wood is higher and it dries better before the impregnation process. We slide the planed boards - without nails or screws - through the posts, which ensures a safe and strong result that also looks beautiful and solid.


1m20 to 1m30 2 boards
1m20 to 1m30 3 boards
1m40 to 1m50 3 boards


  1. Planed posts with diamond-shaped top
  2. Made from durable Red Norwegian pine wood
  3. Solid, safe connection of posts and boards without nails or screws


Electricity - live wire that protects both the fence and the animals


The fence is provided with a live wire that protects both the fence and the animals. The electricity prevents the animals from gnawing and scraping at the wood. We can protect the gate electrically as well. The circuit will be installed with either ring insulators or W-insulators.
Wire mesh on the fence - professionally stretched wire mesh

Wire mesh on the fence

We equip your fence with professionally stretched wire mesh. Due to the small meshes, you can keep not only horses but also other animals (small animals, poultry, etc.) in the pasture, or prevent other animals from entering. Our wire mesh is available in different heights.
Small livestock thread -galvanised steel wire is applied through the posts

Livestock wire

This elegant and durable solution protects both small and large animals. The galvanised steel wire is applied through the posts.

Our approach

De Sutter Naturally offers the best care, protection and safety for your four-legged friend, excellent service for you and added value for your property.

Our warranty

The goods and materials delivered by De Sutter Naturally have an expected life span of 20
years. There is an anti-rot guarantee on the delivered materials, during the first 10 years at 100%.
During the following five years a degressive guarantee value applies, whereby the guarantee value decreases by 20% per year. This degressive guarantee is limited to the material only.