A shelter for horses must be a place where animals feel safe at all times and can protect themselves against harsh weather. Think of heavy rain and snowfall, but also a shady spot when there is too much sun. Safety of your horses must be the most important focal point when designing a shelter. Animal safety and comfort lie at the heart of single and double shelters designed by De Sutter Naturally.

Our shelters were designed with the best animal welfare in mind. So the dimensions provide adequate space for one or two horses to lie down in, depending on which model is chosen.

  • Extra internal panelling

Our shelters are also adaptable in terms of materials used. We finish the shelter internally, to a height of 1.25 m, with so-called concrete plywood. Concrete plywood is a tough plate material to which an epoxy layer is applied. This epoxy layer makes the plate tough and watertight.

The plate prevents horses from pounding their way through the outer walls of the shelter. The animals could damage their hooves or legs doing this. On the other hand, the extra plate material prevents damage to the shelter.

  • Roof insulation

Another unique feature of our shelters is the thirty millimetre layer of insulation beneath the metal roof. This insulation layer prevents condensation so that water droplets do not settle underneath the roof.

Furthermore, the insulation dampens the sound of hail or heavy rain rattling down. This extra noise dampening keeps the horses calmer in rainy weather and makes them less nervy.

Optionally we can fit zinc guttering to our shelters. This means we can collect rainwater and prevent flooding around the stable.

The free shelter guide

The free shelter guide

Outdoor animals, shelters, well-being & comfort - they are inextricably linked.

We would like to help you on your way with this free guide full of useful tips and facts to protect your beloved animals in the best possible way

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