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About wood
FSC or PEFC certified wood is a natural, renewable material with many advantages. These labels do not refer to the quality of the wood, but guarantee that the wood comes from forests that are being managed in a responsible and sustainable way. Here are 5 reasons to choose this wood for your wooden pasture fence.

FSC or Forest Stewardship Council® is the best-known label, but the PEFC label (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) equally guarantees that the wood comes from well-managed forests.

1. Certified wood is a sustainable, energy-efficient material

Wood has many advantages when compared to other materials. It is a natural material that is easy to process. Less energy is required for the production of a wooden fence than for other materials. Moreover, wood is easy to recycle, so it does not cause waste.

2. Certified wood prevents deforestation

The wood comes from well-managed forests where strict rules apply for which trees may be logged.

For example, in a tropical jungle, once every 30 years, only a limited number of trees can be cut down in a certain area. This enables the forest to recover. In other forests, new trees must be planted after each logging action, and young trees must be allowed suffient time to grow.

3. Certified wood protects the local population

Forests well-management does not only cover the trees, but is also about the loggers who work in it. The wood is therefore cut under safe conditions and logging has no negative impact on the living conditions of the local population.

4. Certified wood stimulates companies that conduct responsible business

Companies have a social responsibility to take care of our society and the environment. At De Sutter Naturally we find it self-evident that there are organisations that strictly control under which conditions wood is logged.

5. You take care of the planet on which your (grand)children will grow up

We are horse and nature lovers and find it important that our (grand)children can enjoy our green planet. That is why wood with a sustainability label is an obvious choice for De Sutter Naturally.

A wooden fence whose forest management and processing chain has been thoroughly checked? 

Ask for the range of certified products from De Sutter Naturally

License codes for De Sutter Naturally are FSC®-C140018 and PEFC / 07-31-251.

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